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i dont care if my animation suck im happy to make it

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juanon90's News

Posted by juanon90 - July 20th, 2012

so uhh was just doing some modification and decide to draw gayber on this animation he will have the worst death evaer
p.s tel how he looks

the justin gayber guy

Posted by juanon90 - July 3rd, 2012

aaaaaarrrggggh dammit apparently something go wrong on mah pc and everthing was deleted fuck
dammit i already finish drawing that bastard of bieber and apparently there was an error and delte all my animation shit.
i have to do it all over again.

Posted by juanon90 - April 10th, 2012

my laptop doesnt work anymore cuz it was overheating and its gonna take time to repair it.
its gonna take like4 moth to have all the money to fix it.

Posted by juanon90 - March 25th, 2012

hi there newgrounds so i must say i have like the 34% of the project of bieber.
i if you can see they have no feets.
the answer its cuz i almost dont have a lot time for the highschool for homeworks and bullshit.
so i decided to rmove legs to give smoe extratime. and m getting pretty lazy in these days.

p.s if you can see this assholes wanna help the faggot of bieber.

omg....... they have no feets

Posted by juanon90 - February 24th, 2012

lemmylime will kick the living shit or aids whatever justin biber got inside of him.
hello ng the next animation will be : kill the bieber fever
the story start a 14 years kid named lemmylime whos dream is kill a gay kid named justin bieber and he will kill everyone who support that little gay singer.
the animation will ttake sometime meanwhile you should wait.

fuck justin bieber

Posted by juanon90 - February 17th, 2012

i was thinking about making a parody of mario world but i dunno.
mmhmm oh btw im like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8gjZRGUNBk
so tell what do you guys think what should i do mmhmm.

Posted by juanon90 - January 17th, 2012

is going worst Everyday in mexico my home town these day are hard cuz they caught one of the badass narcos on mexico (drugdealer,gang,etc) he is in prison. I know what are you thinking wtf he have to do with all im writting well let my tell you this narco is leader of all gangs and right now are kidnapping children "why'' simple the gangs want to make a deal with the president of mexico.If they dont set free the leader at time well they gonna kill them.
so when your goin to mexico on vacation be cariful cuz their some people who donst work their brain.

p.s: the photo says '' please free him dont want to die''

the sad story of mah dear mexico

Posted by juanon90 - July 15th, 2011

sup guys im almost done with my animation hope you guys like it